Power requirements - For small to medium stages and halls we require at least two 13 amp sockets - preferably four. For marquees, the contractor should be able to provide a 15 amp supply which is then split into separately fused 13 amp sockets. For marquees and outdoor events a surge protection device must be fitted. Total power loading will not exceed 6kVA and will probably be a lot less.


Staging - We don't always need a raised stage as such but we will require a performance area generally of about 4m x 5m (13ft x 16ft). That said, we can squeeze into a smaller space if necessary, especially when this can make the difference to whether we get the booking or not! Where the event is being held in a marquee or similar, the band must have a level hard floor, as grass or matting are not safe surfaces.


Set up - Our PA system and lights generally need an hour to set up. The ease of access to the performance area can also have an impact on how long we need.


Certification - Many venues require the entertainment to provide Public Liability Insurance and/or Portable Appliance Test (PAT) - we can provide both upon request.


Mics for Speeches - If we are already set up, we are happy for the microphones and PA system to be used for speeches. We do not use radio microphones however, so there will need to be a lead from the microphone to the PA and this may make it impractical if the speeches are taking place more than 15 metres (50 feet) from where the PA is positioned.


Sound limiters - Some venues have sound limiters to restrict the volume of a band. They work by detecting the loudest peaks of volume and if that volume exceeds the preset threshold (90db for example) then the power to the stage is cut. They can sometimes be extremely troublesome and are becoming more and more prevalent but The Fabulous Feedback Band are experienced at working with them.