- Over 12 years experience of weddings, parties and corporate functions.

- No gig too big, no gig too small- they've played everywhere (man).

- Brilliant musicianship, with style, character and humour :-)

- All your favourite songs better than the original! No. Really.

- State of the art sound and lights. Naturally.

- Will provide recorded music in between sets. No need for separate DJ!

- No let up on the dance floor! Marvellous!

- Lowest rates for London and South East- but will travel nationwide.



Hire the band today for a Feedback party! The band was formed some 15 years ago, to bring an end to the reign of terror wrought by boring, one-dimensional party bands. Cutting a swathe through dreary jobbing musos, The Fabulous Feedback Band have single-handedly changed the face of modern wedding, party and corporate celebrations. Out with the old mundanity! No more mediocre middle-of-the-road dross! Stand aside lesser musical mortals...

Every Fabulous Feedback performance, beit in a small club or the grandest of halls, is a tour de force of musical dexterity, wit, charm and creative genius. They leave in their wake audience after audience struck dumb by their astonishing power...

Each song in the Feedback canon has been chosen carefully and tried and tested for maximum audience potential. They appeal to all ages and taste. From the swinging 60's: Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Small Faces, right up to modern day classics like Kings of Leon, Killers, Maroon 5 etc. A packed dance floor is guaranteed - multiple encores are the norm.

Without doubt, the choice of wedding band can make or break an event - the difference between unforgettable and humdrum. - racing to the dancefloor or running for the exits. The Fabulous Feedback Band make sure that every audience are treated to an unforgettable night of fantastic music, top class entertainment and non-stop dancing!

Adobe, Wrangler, Vladivar, RAF, Capital Radio plus countless wedding and birthday parties - all have enjoyed the Fabulous Feedback effect - you should too - you won't regret it... For a full song repertoire click here...